Styxhexenhammer666 is into the dark arts. It’s not Harry Potter shit but real fucking occult magic. From his advanced study into the hidden realms he has summoned the power to predict perfectly what will or will not occur in the political realm. It is too easy for him.

His sorcery cannot be triumphed over.

His will cannot be conquered.


If you do not like the political his channel also is a vast and unmatched resource into the occult and dark arts. He has the backstory on Pepe and Kek, crystal skulls, cryptids, synchronicity, sacrifice, CODEX GIGAS, the PETIT ALBERT, and many other subjects that will leave you scared shitless.

Along with his predictive magic and memetic prowess Styxhexenhammer666 also has vids on his esoteric gardening, Minecraft mastery, and MRE reviews.

Styxhexenhammer666 believes in the SASQUATCH



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