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Stinnett Sticks is a man much like Bob Ross. His vids are somewhat surreal to see with the whistling, the feeding of fowl, and the appearance of a cult of deer who come from the bleak mountain environs to watch him shape a piece of wood he has chainsawed from the nearby forest to whittle into a RATTLESNAKE.

Do not let his quiet demeanor fool you. Stinnett Sticks is a truly rugged man of the wilds. One whistle could cause his forest friends to rampage through your neighborhood.

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With his dog sidekick, Stinnett Sticks walks triumphantly through the woods where he often produces a fire to cook a few hotdogs and some MOUNTAIN MUD.

His canes are something to behold. After all the mystical quality of the sauntering and sanding you get THIS SAVAGERY

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