This motherfucker Scott Rea slaughters everything. I am now watching him butcher the fuck out of a Canada goose. His channel is a literal holocaust where the Jews are wild beasts and I’d damn well watch your dogs or cats because he has concocted a fine cranberry sauce to accompany them.

And when you think the butchery has ended Scott Rea posts antique footage of men roasting an ENTIRE OX on a SPIT in the streets of Ledbury.

And when you think it is over and done Scott Rea posts ancient footage of old men sending FERRET SOLDIERS into holes to chase out rabbits which the old men catch in their hands like fluffs of cotton.

Well, shit, lets send the hounds after some mink. Perhaps we should have some mink oil this evening, Lord Chesterfield?

And then, by CHRIST, it’s PIG KILLING DAY in North Yorkshire 1976.



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