Hickok45 is prob the only person I know who smokes pot by blasting actual orange pots with high-powered firearms. This man does not fuck around. In fact, his only fucking around is his segments on “Shooting The Breeze” where he waxes profound about getting in knife fights on John Deere tractors and talks about paths and shit while referencing indomitable poets of olde times.

As you will see, this Hickok45 is not to be trifled with since he has access to every known firearm that has ever existed. His idea of peace is going out in the frosted heart of winter and blasting some poor coniferous bastard into submission. No need for an ax or some pussyass chainsaw (although he brings those along too, just in case).

Hickok45 is also the master of the drive-by shooting.

Hickok45 is a serial killer of PUMPKIN


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